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Check out these top 5 Web Development Trends buzzing the town

Check out these top 5 Web Development Trends buzzing the town

2020 was the year of rapid changes in the world of technology where most businesses switched to remote work while a few shut down. During this process, many companies realized how web development can come to their rescue in the procedure of work distribution. Here are the top trending changes of Web Development which are going to be the talk of the town in 2021:

1.      Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Luis Muñoz Villarreal of has elaborated on such instances: "YouTube uses NLP to create subtitles from the audio of a video automatically, or how Google Analytics uses ML to understand better how a website user behaves, or Alexa using VR and ML so we can have a full conversation with a machine."

AI is the biggest revolution in the web development industry today. More companies are investing into this segment to carve out their niche and reach the next-level of interaction with their clients.  Two methods are normally used by top companies such as Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning which have escalated from theories to practical execution. Expect this web development trend to rise in 2021.

2.      Time for low-coding and no-coding

Massimo Chieruzzi of AdEspresso wisely quipped, "I think no-code will be a big trend in 2021. It's something that already grew a lot in 2020, but it's still a quite fragmented ecosystem with no clear winner yet, and most of its promises are still ... promises."

No matter how much some people may advertise, but coding is certainly going out of fashion in the year 2021. A big relief for those who are not good at coding or find it time-consuming. Therefore, no code and low-code is the need of the hour.

3.      PWAs will be the new face of Mobile Apps

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) is actually a mobile-friendly web interface that gives the in-app expeince inside a browser. It not only makes the task far more convenient for developers instead of making native applications for all the devices.   

4.      SME’s will adopt SPAs

Small Business Enterprises will adopt Single-page Apps because waiting for several pages to load while browsing online can be quite irksome. This isn’t a new trend, though. But, it is here to rule 2021 year.  Bigwigs like  Facebook and Google are major examples of SPAs.

5.      Cyber security will evolve

Just in case you didn’t know, hackers demanded nearly $20 million using a malware attack on Germany’s second-largest software vendor Software AG in October ’20. According to Cloudfare, there is an increase in number of DDoS attacks in 2020, cyber security needs to be doubled to overpower hackers security breach. In 2021, expect lots of companies emerging and investing into cyber-security.

As humans’ gizmo needs advance, so does technology. Whether you’re a CTO or a business owner, keeping these trends in mind will surely be of great help to you. It can accelerate the growth of your brand and rake in huge earnings. It is always helpful to stay updated in the web development industry. Leading companies always keep a tab on latest trends to ensure they are not lagging behind the rat race. Besides, they create new trends and set new benchmarks to become innovators. Be a game-changer with the above mentioned list of web development trends. Keep reinventing the previously set benchmarks and set up new parameters.

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