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Product Label Designing

A label is the face of every business, and we are here to design a memorable and meaningful face for your product.


We have designed and executed many beautiful and functional designs using this versatile medium like:

Retail Product Packages

Food Products, Drinks

Hardware Products

Stationery Items Package Design

Tools Package Designing

Plastic Packs, Cans, Cartons

Box Design

Skin Care Products


Our Product Label Designing Process

Product Concept

Think About Your Concept

Before starting the design, it's essential to do proper research and then think about the product label concept. You need to find who the target consumers are and what vital information will be present on the label then design it.

Decide on Size

Decide on Size

Which size of packaging will be perfect for your products? While deciding the packaging size, we consider which information should be there on the product and other details. We chose the product label size to fulfil your need for a full, half or minimalistic wrap label.

Select a Material

Select a Material

When designing for a client, often, the packaging material is not decided. This will give you the perfect opportunity to give your input about the material, keeping in mind the product's aesthetic. See what the packaging material is made from, is it opaque or transparent material, etc.

Give Feedback

Clients’ Feedback

After our team is done performing the previous steps of product label designing, it is imperative to derive feedback from our esteemed clients before sending for printing and finalizing the design. Once we get an affirmative nod from clients, we proceed further.

Proof Before You Print

Proof Before You Print

Before sending the Product Label for printing, we proof-read the content, check for possible errors and run a quality test and finalize the product label design.

Product Label Designing Service

Product Label Designing Service

The product label is the face of your brand that must look visually appealing yet understandable to the audience. Getting the best product label designed for your business is crucial to leave a lasting impression on your customers and turn their interest into conversion. Let's give you more reasons than one on why should you pick Trio Web Soft for product label requirements:

  • We have rich experience of more than five years in the industry
  • A highly proficient, innovative and creative team of designers
  • Keeps the client up-to-date about the progress
  • We stay glued to work till we serve satisfactory results

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