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Best Ways to Boost Blog Traffic at No Cost

Best Ways to Boost Blog Traffic at No Cost

We can smell your passion for writing from miles away. Delicious. And passion is preceded by talent. Ergo, you’re gifted and using it to bring forth your ideas across the masses. Good decision! But are you looking for ways to increase your blog traffic without wasting too much money? Sit back and read on because a fantastic and insightful blog just found you. Without further ado, lets’ dive into the wealth of information on how to boost your blog traffic free of cost: 

1. Well begun is half-done

Well, before you start a blog, you need to understand two things. As they say, well-begun is half-done. Make sure your content and images are associated with each other. A blogger needs to be ready for valid criticism from the audience. Also, have enough patience before results begin to show. Initially, results might start showing within 5 to 6 months. It also varies on multiple factors. 

2. SEO Optimization

Without making your blog SEO friendly, your website is invisible. Using relevant keywords that match your content is important. Optimizing your blog site while using the best search-friendly keywords is the key to making it jump from page 4 to page 1 of top search engines. It can lead your blog to immense success. Visitors don’t have the patience to keep checking page 2, 3 and 4 when they can see the top 10 results on any search engine. 

3. Quality above quantity

Always put quality over quantity. Yes, writing quality content is better than writing heaps of content that makes no absolute sense. Write a high-quality copy that is 100% original, free of basic grammatical errors, and not have plagiarism.  Please check if similar content is not published elsewhere. For bloggers who are grammar nazis and breathe, eat, live writing might laugh their lungs out on the previous sentence. However, it is imperative to tell beginners or those who overlook this step. 

4. Publishing consistently

If you want to be noticed by the audience and cannot create an impact, this step is for you. Make sure you are consistent with your content publishing. The more you post, the more people tend to spot your blog online. During the initial phase of blogging, don’t even overthink whether people are checking out your articles or how frequently; just keep posting your blogs because this is how you remain in the eyes of the audience. 

5. Content Promotion on Social Media

After you are done with posting content on the blog, the next step is to promote your content on different social media channels. The purpose is to let people know about your blog’s existence. Whether it is your friends, family, colleagues or neighbours, content promotion helps in spreading the word about your website. Try sharing the content on numerous social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. It increases the outreach of your audience and spreads the word about your brand. 

6. Keyword Research is a must

As discussed before, keywords play an essential role in boosting the rankings and traffic of your website. The secret is to know how, when and where to use these keywords. You should also know the relevant keywords to use in the right places. Therefore, it is important to perform keyword research for the best results. 

7. Try Guest-Posting

As a blogger, try stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something unique. Try guest-posting as this will make your blog widely known among famous bloggers, brands or websites. Guest posting is also the safest method of doing link-building, and the advantages go beyond merely link building. It lets you collaborate with some of the best names in the business. Not only does it spread your name in the market, but it also aids in networking.  

8. Catchy Titles for increased traffic

Select engaging titles for your blog to naturally compel the audience to click on it and read the full copy. Because, if you think as a reader, how many times you’ve rejected the blog or ignored it just based on the title? It proves the point that the title of the blog can make or break things for you. How about ensuring the blog title is justifying your content and the purpose of the blog while also being interesting enough to get more clicks. It improves the rankings and web traffic for your blog, which means it can get more views and become popular in no time. 

9. Get ready for sending emailers and newsletters

After you’re pretty much finished writing, posting, sharing of your blog, it is time to send emailers and newsletters to your social circle. Yes, prepare a few nice email templates and craft alluring newsletters that attract the people who receive it enough to visit your blog and share the content. 

10. Review and repeat

Pretty much everything is completed, and now you’re wondering about the next step. It is time to review the entire process and go through your blogs once again lest you may stumble upon any scope of improvement. Repeat the steps one after the other. Just remember, if you’re doing everything correctly, your blog will grow, and the traffic will boost naturally. 

Keep working on your content, and always check where you can improve. Don’t mind keeping a tab on how your peers are doing just to stay updated with the latest trends in the market. By following these steps, nobody can stop your blog from being successful. 

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