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Guest Blogging Mistakes That is Hurting Your SEO

Guest Blogging Mistakes That is Hurting Your SEO

The popularity of Guest Blogging is growing in this post-penguin era. It can be considered as the safest way of building links.

Don't you get excited to see the three precious words – write for us? In the excitement, people fail to think about the article pitch and don't give enough thought process to it. This results in blog owners have to suffer the wrath of Google.

Webmasters need to pay more attention toward what is posted and linked on their website. They are swamped by the sheer volume of the bloggers contacting them for posting their guest blog. 

As more and more content writers use their keyboard, more requests are sent to blog owners for posting. Therefore it will not be surprising to say that both guest bloggers and blog owners tend to have clashes:

● Guest bloggers have to feel the effect of rejection

● Blog owners are irritated with mediocre work

Now the question arises, how can you make this go more smoothly? 

The guest bloggers should avoid inevitable mistakes, and you should follow guest blogging etiquette to make the blog more successful.

Common Guest Blogging Mistakes

1. Not Being Investigating

Want to contribute a guest post for a site? Yes, then don't just look at posting guidelines, poke around for a few minutes. 

Going through the website will unearth some major information about the site and eventually save your and blog owners' time. 

Emailing the blog owner about the inquiry posted already on the website publicly will make the owner annoyed. Don't email "Do you accept guest posts?" to the blogger when the website already has published proof that they do.

2. Avoid Personalizing

The pitch that starts with "To Whom It May Concern" or "Dear Sir or Madam," will get deleted. 

Wondering Why?

Simple, blog owners hope to anticipate that guests should be familiar with their website and what they do. 

● Take your time reading the 'About' page of the website.

● Should be aware of whom you are addressing the blog submission to.

● The pitch should be written in the fair and square form of communication

● Don't copy-paste the same message to different blogs

Chances are blog owners might likely take interest to interact with the individual who knows what they do.

3. Direction Not Followed

Read the guidelines for guest blogging carefully before you even think about writing the blog. 

● Sometimes bloggers will first ask about the article idea to be pitched.

● At times, you need to include certain words in the subject line.

● Sometimes, you will be asked to provide your writing style sample work as part of the application process.

Be sure to follow every minor or major direction of the blog owner, when you sit down to write.

Few things to look out while writing:

● Submission document preferences (.doc, .pdf, etc.)

● Minimum and maximum word counts

● Media size

● Formatting preferences

● Link placement

● Submission policies

4. Submitting Off the Subject Content

Why would a blog about digital marketing want a post about accounting software?

Never waste your time and the blog owner's time by submitting irrelevant content.

● Check the archives of the blog website

● See the categories of the blogs 

● Know who the target audience is.

● Write relevant content.

5. Submitting General Content

Blog readers may not get excited to read, not that useful or general content.

Take these points into consideration while writing

● Search online for helpful information ab0out any topic.

● Subscribe to blogs for receiving latest and relevant information on any particular topic.

Don't just peel the onion's first lay; cover every aspect of the chosen blog topic.

6. Submitting Unnecessary Content

No one will like to read an article written on the same topic again.

Do you think that the SEO blog needs one more article about quick optimization tips when the archives already have 30 articles on the subject?

● See what already has been posted on the website.

● Search the website for the topic which you want to write about.

● If the same topic is already written numerous times, then pick a different topic.

7. Don't Resist the Edits

No need to be surprised when a blog owner makes changes to your article.

Since your name is on the guest post, the content quality will positively or negatively affect you.

And this post is on their website; then its content quality will also affect them.

Taking the second opinion for punctuation and grammar error will not hurt anyone. 

Blog owners may make minor changes in the blog; however, they will most likely consult you for major edits.

As an author of the content, you should never fight with the blog owner for minor and major edits. 

If the blog doesn't make sense to the editor, it will not make sense to readers. 

8. Don't Show Off

If you are a master of any particular topic and have a wealth of knowledge, it doesn't mean the audience.

You should not assume that people might know the technical words or understand what you are referring to in the blog.

Writers should do the following things:

● Don't use passive voice when you can use an active voice.

● Cut out a word if it's possible.

● Don't go for long words when the short word can work wonders.

● Don't use metaphors or any other figures of speech

● Don't use the scientific word, jargon word or foreign phrase.

While writing, try to speak directly with the readers. Don't write like you are writing instructions or product manuals. 

Remember if the content is boring and uninspiring, then it won't appeal to people.

Never Ever Make These Guest Blogging Mistakes!

Writing needs to be refined and polished, and becoming a professional content writer comes by facing different sets of challenges.

Build a name for yourself by doing guest blogging and even add a few high-quality backlinks to your website. 

You can get this opportunity only when you are professional.

Hopefully, by avoiding these above-mentioned guest blogging mistakes, chances of getting your guest post published will increase.

Are you making any of the above fatal guest blogging mistakes? Are there any more points that need to be considered while writing a guest blog? To know more about guest blogging, you can consult professional digital marketing company Trio Web Soft. 

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