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Cloud Hosting Provider

Creating Customized Cloud Solutions. Power your business with advanced industry-specific cloud computing



HPC Cloud
HPC Cloud

Trio Web Soft Inc. offers customers enough space to keep their files and documents in place. We offer high-performance computing cloud space to handle multiple operations simultaneously.

Data Security
Data Security

Trio Web Soft helps in securing your confidential data with advanced multi-factor authentication, monitoring and safeguarding your network, IDS/IPS, and 256-bit data encryption.

Business Continuity
Business Continuity

Trio Web Soft understands, investigates and comes up with proper risk and crisis analysis. It also helps in disaster recovery by trying to mitigate disruptive events.

99.999% Uptime
99.999% Uptime

We offer our clients the best cloud hosting service, which has 99.999% uptime. By taking our cloud services, your website will run like a smooth engine after lubrication.

Always-on Support
Always-on Support

Our cloud hosting services also include 24*7 Phone Support, Email Support and Live Chat Support. Our team of cloud experts will make sure that all your cloud issues get resolved.

Backup Services
Backup Services

You don't need to copy your all data to the new folder separately. Let the automated backup service deployed by us do the job for you and store the backup daily on the server.


Features That Boost Your Agency’s Growth

Powerful features to simplify the complexities of running a digital agency.

Unlimited Sites

Quickly install and manage unlimited websites on your dedicated cloud server.


Create a staging of any website with a click of a button and make changes without interrupting your production site.

24/7 Expert Support

Get in touch with our support engineers via Live Chat or opt-in for support add-ons for enhanced support experience.

Server and Website Cloning

Clone the entire server or make individual copies of websites on a click of a button.


Managed Agency Hosting to Handle Multiple Projects

Launch anything you want - from simple sites to complex multitier web applications.

Deploy in Minutes

Going 'Live' in seconds

Our team's cloud hosting platform steals the intricacies and challenges faced while establishing your website and lets you go 'live' in a fraction of seconds.

Manage like A Pro

Build like a Pro

Working in collaboration with our professionally-trained teams, you can build your business and manage web applications more efficiently.

Experience Optimized Performance

Scaling to Glory

We offer timely deliverables for a fast-paced performance, seamless scalability and ironclad security to help agencies and businesses escalate their business.

 Cloud Hosting Provider Service

Cloud Hosting Provider Service

Fast. Secure. Reliable: Cloud Solutions designed for Success In the digital and internet-driven age, success in business often depends on how you connect with your customers and clients online. To achieve their business goals, companies are always on the lookout for flexible, scalable, and high performing hosting solutions. Well, your search ends with Trio Web Soft Inc. Our customized cloud solutions are designed for speed and optimized for efficiency. Trio Web Soft Inc. offers advanced cloud platforms that will meet your specific business requirements. Don't worry; we will handle all the technicalities. We have a team of experts who will configure and manage your cloud software so that you can focus on growing your business.

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