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The timeline for designing and developing a website is first discussed between the company and the client. After mutual understanding and consent, one stipulated time or day is decided when the dummy website is ready and goes to the client for review. After everything is finalized, our team starts working on the content and the images.
Ideally the website should be updated as often as possible. A website update benefits both search engines and customers. When the site is updated regularly, Google recognizes it and considers it relevant. Hence, frequent website updates improves organic search engine rankings and generates more traffic.
One cannot identify the exact time it will take for increasing the website ranking. The time frame for website rankings depend on the business goals and objectives. On average it takes around 3-6 months for a change in website rankings. However, the main focus is to secure the place of the website once it reaches the top position.
After extensive SEO research to find the most profitable keywords, we select the relevant paid media channels. We measure each campaign and keyword to see whether the PPC efforts are generating positive ROI. Once done, our next move is to monitor and optimize campaign structure depending on top-performing keywords. Finally, our experts do the A/B testing of landing pages and new ads.
We know that your clients are on their mobile, then why are you not? A website that is mobile-friendly increases the traffic rate by approximately 60%. Having a mobile responsive website makes it easier for you to connect with the potential audience.
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