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SEO Ranking Strategy for Long-Form Content

SEO Ranking Strategy for Long-Form Content

SEO Ranking Strategy for Long-Form Content

Have you ever written an eBook or long-form content of about 4000 words and above?

If no, you certainly don't know its benefit and might think of it as pointless work. Moreover, if you have written it, you already know that it requires lots of work, and this work can make an incredible difference in the search engine ranking.

This SEO guide is loaded with all the required information you require when writing long-form content. Trio Web Soft, the best SEO Company in Canada, uses these strategies to improve its long-form content ranking.  Long-form content will get you more visibility and backlinks, improved social shares and engagements, and your audience will start taking you as an expert in your industry.

SEO Hacks for Creating and Ranking Long-Form Content

Begin with Keyword Research

Before you start writing the long blog post, take your precious time to search for the focus keyword and lower competition keyword. Ensure that you carry out keyword research correctly, as it is a deciding factor for your content's success. 

Various research tools are available to make the task of keyword research easy. SEMrush and Ahrefs are two of my favorite tools.

Check out this post about the best keyword research tools.

Target Long-Tail Keywords

You already have the focus keyword for your long-form blog post, but some people don't know that they should target the long-tail keywords. 

Long-tail keywords are generally easy to rank and drive highly targeted traffic.

Check the example of long-tail keywords that I got by using the keywordtool.io tool:


Use this amazing tool to get as much long-tail keyword as you require. You can even look for the long-tail keyword in the "related searched" section of Google.


Optimize Your URL

It's proven that shorter and cleaner URLs will help search engines understand what your blog is about, and it even provides a better user experience. 

Make sure that your URL contains the target keyword as it will make it rank better.

A short and Concise URL is best. Check this guide for understanding URL structure in a better way. 

Use Proper H1 Tag

When visitors come to your blog post, then they will see your H1 tag. Wondering what this H1 Tag is?

An excellent H1 tag will undoubtedly impact the search engine ranking. Simply, an optimized H1 tag will give search engines the power to better index your content.  Preferably H1 tags should be:

Short and to the point.

Must be a long-tail Keyword (usually your target keyword)

Give a clear idea about your blog post.

Once your H1 tag has these qualities, then you are good to go.

Add Excellent Subheadings

Keren Lerner posted an article in LinkedIn Pulse that states, "Your writing may be amazing with a catchy headline, well-crafted words and punchy sentences. But if your blog post has more than 160 words, then adding subheadings is a must."

Subheadings are usually H2, H3 and H4 tags of your blog post. Break your content into easy chunks by adding subheadings, as it will help in skimming the content in a better manner.

Add Internal Links

Internal links are the links on a particular page on a website that points to another page.  Internal linking is the best way to tell the website visitors that the specific page's content is relevant. 

Benefits that you can enjoy with internal linking are:

Helps in boosting ranking for certain keywords

It helps search engines to crawl your website easily

It gives your visitors further reading options.

Helps in promoting some paid services'

For more on internal linking:

What is Internal Linking, and How to Optimize it for SEO?

Add Outbound Links

Linking out the related pages of your blog post tells Google that your web page is of higher quality, as it helps search engines find out your exact topics.

Try using 2-4 outbound links to make your blog post more likeable.

Optimize the Title Tag

An adequately optimized title tag will significantly enhance your page visibility in SERPs. The title tag is incredibly essential as when your content shows up, people will see this first. 

While writing the title tag of your blog post, make sure that it should contain the focus keyword.

Optimize the Meta Description

The Meta description summarizes the page content in a 160 character snippet. This description will enable your blog to stand out in the SERPs.

The adequately optimized Meta description has:

Focus keywords

Short and Concise

Must include call-to-action

It should be descriptive and crystal clear

Be captivating and allure the audience to read the entire blog.

Contain Multimedia

Content marketing is not about the text only; it's also about images, screenshots, videos, charts and diagrams to take you further. Including multimedia in your content will:

Reduces the bounce rate of your blog post

Boost the time spent on your website

Google uses these two user-interaction ranking factors to judge your web pages.

Adding multimedia will also increase your page's perceived value, which eventually will increase the likelihood of people linked to it. 

Thus, while writing long-form content, try to add as much multimedia you can.

Add Target Keyword and Related Keyword

Don't ever forget to include the focus keyword in your blog post; however, don't overdo it. It will make Google understand that your focus keyword is important while crawling your blog post.

You should even sprinkle some low competition keywords to ensure the rank of more focused long-tail keywords. 


Long-form content will surely increase your search engine ranking, and it even gives you authority on that topic. To achieve this, you must use result-oriented SEO practices- like these points.

Trio Web Soft, the best SEO Company, believes that by implementing these brilliant techniques and then being patient, watch how your ranking skyrockets.

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